Vans Trade Show

A potential booth for Vans shoe company,


This 30' x 40' exhibit can be broken up into 2 sides; why they like us and how they like us. The "why they like us" side is geared towards the newest techniques, processes, and designs. And on the "how they like us" side; a space to show and prove the quality of product and operations. 

Cost:  60,000 USD

Sq Ft: 1200

A business owner’s arrives at the Vans exhibit and here are professionals using Vans products on the site. The goal is to bring as many business owners as we can in and by installing such an engaging piece people will walk up to interact regardless. 

The attendees are not just noticing details like surfboards used as shelves and the same canvas used for the shoes to wrap the seats or handmade paper used as the whitewash of the wave but are becoming knowledgeable on the capabilities of Vans to impact the lives of their customer segments.

As you move farther into the barrel it continues to grow more intimate; Further business is being discussed and the most intimate and private of spaces is reached around the barrier made of cement and shoestrings. You are fully pitted and there is no turning back. This is where deals are made, and handshakes are given.

Along the back of the wave there is product display, material testing, and a famous surfer to talk about why Vans is a perfect fit for any business. Old 12” x 12” TV’s are used to display the facts about materials and methods to give a vintage, outside of the box, genuine feel to all designs.

The Vans Trade Show Exhibit

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