Plant Points

Cost:  480,000 USD

Sq Ft: 1200 each

Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, a Dam Keeper’s Residence resides amidst properties rich with industrial heritage. The dam, the world’s first hydroelectric generator, powers the paper mill, the dam keeper’s residence, and a small garage.


The Dam requires constant surveillance by a caretaker located on the site. While the residence is by nature a necessity, the existing building has become worn and in need of major repair. Given the opportunity to redevelop the site, we are proposing that this site become a public amenity.


The site currently consists of two substantial buildings; an equipment building and the dam keeper’s residence; both are roughly 640 sq. feet. The new proposal will provide two sculptures of similar size you can see from the highway as you drive by that attract the public’s attention, as well offer residency to the dam keeper and an Airbnb customer.

Floor 1

Floor 2

Sculpture you can live inside.


Plant Points are whimsical 35’ high points that are covered in plants that have a glass fasad, a loft, and a warm wooden interior.A heightened Airbnb experience for travelers who wish to reside overnight in a once in a life time residence; Restoring surrounding ecosystem using architecture that responds to the water, wind, and local flora and fauna.

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